“Better than mountains can be only mountains where you have not been!”

  • Optimal 7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary
    If you are going on a road trip around Norway, but don’t have much time. And also you doubt where to start, but you definitely want to see everything at once! Then this article is for you! We have created an optimal weekly itinerary so that you can see and visit very beautiful and iconic tourist places in Norway! Day …

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  • 10 Things To Do in Oslo on Christmas in 2022
    When it comes to the Christmas holidays, many immediately imagine Scandinavia, Christmas markets, fluffy snow, and, of course, a lot of fun. But in fact, on Christmas Eve, it is customary for Norwegians to be at home, cook traditional Christmas food for dinner and spend the evening with their families. So shops, Christmas markets, and many restaurants are closed for …

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  • Incredible 2-Week Road Trip Route from Oslo in Norway
    You have arrived in Norway at Gardermoen Airport and want to see all the highlights that the country is associated with Glaciers, Mountains, Fjords, High Altitude Roads, and Blue Lakes! As well as to add something unknown, which, due to the monotonous information on the Internet, tourists miss and only locals know? Then this itinerary is for you! We live …

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  • Camping Propane Showers
    Camping Propane showers are no doubt man’s best invention! What most campers do not know is that Propane showers have been around for a long time. But, most people are just now realizing how useful they can be at camp. They are simple yet convenient portable devices that you can bring anywhere. A standard camping propane shower runs off a …

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  • Camper Van Wood Stove
    Going on a vacation in your camper van is adventurous and exciting. Unlike other means of traveling, a camper van gives you a feel–at–home experience because you can do most of the things you do at home like cooking and relaxing. If you are visiting a cold place, you need a source of heat in your van to continue enjoying …

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  • Camper Van Propane Heaters
    If you have a camper, that explains how much you like to traverse the outdoors. Then, sometimes you may choose to explore cold regions within your region or others. However, the cold temperatures may discourage you from traveling, and that’s where the heater comes in. You may wonder which heater to choose and what to look for. You should consider …

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  • Best 12V Fan for Camper Van 
    You invested in a camper van to enjoy a comfortable life while you travel the world, right? Installing a fan is one of the main ways to ensure your camper van gives you the comfort you deserve. The fan will improve the airflow in your RV and cool down the temperatures while it’s hot. However, how do you choose the …

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  • How to Build Camper Cabinets
    Vans are special vehicles to travel in because, unlike cars, the rear part looks like a house. When traveling, we carry luggage and personal effects. A cabinet is necessary to keep our bags and provide ample space.  Camper cabinets are constructed on the rear part of vans to provide packing space for personal belongings. They are made of plywood and …

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  • Camper Van Slide Out Kitchens
    Camper vans offer us a great way to experience a cozy atmosphere while traveling. The cabinets add elegance to the interior while recliners give us optimal relaxation. Carrying some packed meals pre-cooked at home can save you money, but it is not applicable when traveling for several days or camping.  A camper van slide kitchen is a pullout system where …

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  • Can You Put Any Recliner in a Camper?
    Traveling in a van is exciting because of the ample space on the rear and interior décor from cabinets. But if you are traveling a long distance, it can be tiresome. Thanks to campers with recliners where you can relax and have a feel–at–home experience. You can put any recliner in your camper and offer your passengers a cozy feel …

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We are Olga and Dmitry, we live in Norway.

In 2020 we bought our first ever caravan Hymer Eriba Touring Troll 530 Rockabilly and named it “CrazyTroll”.

Due to the situation in the world, we are traveling inside Norway and sharing some of our experiences in this blog and on our channel on YouTube.