Caravan Winterization - Complete Guide + Checklist! 4K
1K views · Feb 11, 2022
With the onset of autumn, most caravan owners postpone travel until next season. Using the CrazyTroll caravan as an example, we tried to share our experience with you and tell you in more detail how to prepare a caravan for wintering!

And also what points should you pay attention to so that nothing deteriorates and remains in good condition until the new season!

It seems that everything in this video sounds simple and logical, but you can easily forget or miss something. So we recommend watching our video and making your own list of what needs to be done, or download ours from this link:

We hope this video will be useful, we tried to do our best very hard :)

Feel free to ask your questions and write your wishes in the comments, we are always pleased to read them! Or maybe we missed something and you, as more experienced Caravaners, will tell us!
After all, the experience of another person is priceless !!! 

About Us:
We are traveling across Norway with camper Hymer Eriba Troll 530 Rockabilly. Most of our trips are relatively short and start from Fredrikstad in Norway. For those who are limited in time, you might discover what you could see during a two-day or three-day trip in Southern Norway.

You are welcome to leave your questions in a comment to the video and we will try to answer our best! 

Filmed and edited by CrazyTroll team
Filmed by DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone, iPhone 12Pro + DJI OSMO mobile 3
Edited with Final Cut Pro X.
Music from Epidemic Sound
Date: 01.11.2021

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