Color Line ferry Color Fantasy in Oslofjord

Getting to Norway by Ferry

Norway is a beautiful country and to see most of the places from tourist’s bucket lists requires a lot of driving. The shortest routes are often over 2000 km, so planning becomes crucial to make your road trip enjoyable. It is very valuable to arrive at your destination country well rested and start your journey …

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View of Folgefonna glacier

Top 10 Glaciers in Norway – Glacier Ice Hikes and Museum

In Norway, glaciers are a large part of the landscape and can be found in nearly every region. Your visit to Norway may become your unique experience if you will choose to visit and least one of the spectacular glaciers of Norway. Some of them are not easy to reach, but some are much closer than you might even imagine.

View from Romsdalsgondolen

Romsdalsgondolen – The Longest Cable Car in Norway (Prices & Review)

Romsdalsgondolen in Åndalsnes is the newest attraction and the longest cable car in Norway. The rope length is 1675.9 meters, but a ride takes just 5 minutes. The gondola will bring you to the station at 697 meters above sea level with spectacular panoramic views over fjords and mountain peaks. Does Romsdalsgondolen worth it?

What is snaking? Definition and meaning for caravan!

Towing the caravan is rather simple unless you need to maneuver and tow a heavy caravan with a smaller car. Knowing the main difficulties before you even start your journey will definitely help you not to get into trouble. One of the common problems on the road is snaking.

Are RV Cassette Toilets Good and Don`t Smell?

Campers come in various sizes, prices, and shape ranges. However, what makes them equal in all these is the all trip to the dump station to empty the van’s waste tanks unless you use cassette toilets. With these updated cabinets in your RV, caravan, or camper van, you will skip the hassle of long lines in the dump stations.