YouTube Road Trip Videos to the Best Places in Norway!

We make short road trip videos and clips for our YouTube channel. Below are videos from our most recent road trips to the most spectacular places in Norway.

Road Trip to Åndalsnes Rampestreken and Troll Wall Norway

Åndalsnes, Rampestreken, and Troll Wall were destinations of our second road trip in the 2021 season “From spring to Winter”!

542 km to the North and around snowy slopes and frozen rivers! Very spectacular! But still, the main goal was to climb the Rampestreken observation deck! Rampestreken is an observation deck at a height of 531 meters and you will have to hike about 1,5 hours, but now a new attraction is available in Åndalsnes – Romsdalsgondolen. This is the longest cable car that will bring you up on the mountain and will make your hike to Rampestreken much easier. More details, facts, process, and our review in the article about Romsdalsgondolen.

Since it still was out of season, there is no queue for photos and a 2-minute limit for staying on the deck. Nevertheless, the climb was very difficult due to the snow on the trail (we do not recommend walking in April without proper shoes and will to go through the snowy slopes), the view of the mountains at sunset captured our imagination! It was worth it!

We spent the night near Troll Wall and it’s really high and beautiful! But look at this video for yourself – we are sure you will like it! A bonus to the wonderful trip was the northern lights on the first night – which never gave us enough sleep! 🙂

Road Trip with caravan to Verdens Ende and Tønsberg, Norway

Season opening road trip with the caravan. Our first trip along the coast of the Oslofjord with a visit to the oldest city in Norway Tønsberg, the military fort Torås, and coastal paradise – Verdens Ende.

We have made a list of thing you can do in Tønsberg during your visit, check the article and it will be easier to build your plan for a trip.

Skylift & Briksdalsbreen, Autumn Road Trip

In October we made the last trip in the 2020 season to the beautiful Briksdalsbreen glacier in Jostedalsbreen National Park and went up to 1011 meters at Loen Skylift. Loen Skylift has a gradient up to 60° and is one of the steepest in the world.

We made 1230 km in our round trip. During the first day, we visited the beautiful village in mountains – Skjeringsdalen and camped for the night near lake Oppstrynsvatn. The next morning greeted us with fog coming from the sea and packed between high mountains along the lake.

On the second day, we took a ride to Lovatnet to enjoy autumn colors at this spectacular lake and take a ride on Loen Skilift. After a night at Nordfjord, we went to lake Olden and further to parking near Briksdalsbreen and took a walk to the glacier.

Autumn was already there and the closer to the glacier the stronger was the feeling of upcoming winter. On the way back we enjoyed the sunset at the river Stryneelva and camped near river Finna. We tried to drive as fast as possible as strong wind hurried winter to us with freezing winds and snowfalls.

Jostedalsbreen Glacier & Lovatnet, Road Trip in Norway with Cavaran, Drone 4k

In August 2020 we traveled to beautiful Jostedalsbreen National Park in Sogn og Fjordane, a national park in Norway that encompasses the largest glacier on the European mainland, Jostedalsbreen. The park now covers 1,310 square kilometers, with the glaciers covering about 800 square kilometers of the park.

We started our journey heading to Stryn and gorgeous Lovatnet and unbelievable color of the water. The green color comes from the meltwater from the glaciers that lie on the mountain peaks around. Driving a camper or caravan is a bit too narrow and you should consider it, especially in high season. Video will give you an overview and an impression of the road.

Glacier Jostedalsbreen has several good approach places and we had to choose only several of them that we like best and leave others for next trips.

Week-end trip to Folgefonna & Hardangervidda national parks! Cinematic Drone 4K

In August 2020 we traveled to the southern shore of the beautiful Hardangerfjord in Hordaland County Folgefonna National Park and to the largest national park in mainland Norway – Hardangervidda National park.

In Folgefonna National Park we hiked to one of Norway’s largest glaciers to discover stunning views of the glacier and surrounding landscape. This is quite a remote location and we were happy to overnight in our camper CrazyTroll after a day-hike to the glacier.

Our journey continued through Hardangervidda National park and its diamond – Vøringsfossen waterfall and Sysen dam that holds back Lake Sysen.

Trip to Venabygd, Norway

Road trip on the caravan in August 2020 to Venabygd in Ringebu kommune, Innlandet County, Norway.

Venabygd is located south of Rondane National Park between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen.

From Venabygd we did a day-hike to gorgeous waterfalls Myfallet and hiked further to Dørfallet.
We made great drone shoots and videos that you will find in this video.

Surprisingly we could collect a lot of mushrooms that we ate later at home.

Skjelsbuveten, Vesterøy, Norway (Trips Around Home)

In July 2020 we bought a new drone – Mavic 2 Pro and decided to make test flights to have an impression of picture quality and make a new setup of the drone.

Luckily new our home at Vesterøy in Hvaler kommune we have the optical telegraph (Den optiske telegrafen) and Skjelsbuveten.

A hike to Skjelsbuveten offers beautiful Hvaler nature, great views, and history. We believe the trip is feasible for all age groups and physical fitness. The trail is marked with cairns and ribbons. The distance is about 1.5 km each way.

Trip to Telemark and Raven gorge, Norway

In July 2020 we traveled to Ravens gorge (Ravnejuv) in Telemark. Ravens Gorge is a viewpoint and tourist attraction. A spectacular natural attraction with a sheer drop of 350 meters from the edge of the cliff down to the river Tokkeåi below, is really worth a visit!

Because of the air stream up the face of the cliff, it is said to be possible to throw a banknote or a leaf over the edge and have it returned to you by the wind! On our way, we made a short stop near Heddal Stave Church.

Heddal Stave Church is a stave church located at Heddal in Notodden municipality, Norway. The church is a triple nave stave church and is Norway’s largest stave church. It was constructed at the beginning of the 13th century.

Trip to Smådaladn, Vang i Valdres, Norway

During summer 2020 we traveled to Smådaladn near Vang i Valdres for a short two-day trip for hiking and camping with our new caravan, enjoy fresh air, mountains, and great views.

Vang is a municipality in Innlandet county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Valdres.

To reach Smådaladn we had to drive about 15 km by the private toll road. We tested our camper on a gravel road and tried caravan and van life and traveling in Norway in the summer.

Trip to Rondane Nasjonalpark, Norway

In July 2020 we traveled to beautiful Rondane National Park in Innlandet, Norway.

Rondane nasjonalpark (Rondane National Park) is the oldest national park in Norway, established on 21 December 1962. The park contains ten peaks above 2,000 meters, with the highest being Rondeslottet at an altitude of 2,178 m. The park is an important habitat for herds of wild reindeer.
Rondane lies just to the east of Gudbrandsdal and two other mountain areas, Dovre and Jotunheimen are nearby.

We started our journey heading to Hamar and Lillehammer and visited Hunderfossen dam.

Our First trip with “CrazyTroll” to Gaustatoppen

Weekend road trip to visit Gaustatoppen, Rjukan, Norway.

Spectacular and one of the most beautiful mountains in Norway.
We arrived to Rjukan in early June and the roads were already open and we met no difficulties to reach the camping place and enjoy RV van life.
Mountain not and hiking route was partly covered by melting snow, so we capture some nice drone footage.