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Guide about Toll roads & ferries in Norway.

Toll roads in Norway are used to finances road projects on highways, bridges and tunnels that greatly improve the driving experience across Norway. Payments are collected automatically once the toll station is passed and Autopass tag has been activated. In our article you might find answers to the following questions:

  • How much do I pay at toll roads in Norway?
  • How do I pay tolls in Norway and how to get Autopass tag even for foreign drivers.
  • How expensive are toll roads and how to calculate the cost before your hit the road!

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Guide about Autopass – 50% Discount on Ferries!

Use of the ferries might be rather costly and annoying during your road trip, but there is a way how to save a lot of money traveling in Norway. By using Autopass for ferries you will save half of the regular price. In the article you will learn

  • How to start using Autopass tag
  • What are the prices on major ferry crossing and how much you will save

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Coffee and Food on the way!

Our video travel guide or tips you may use in your road trip in Norway. In this video guide you will learn:

  • How to save money and help the world!
  • How to get free coffee on the road
  • Do you really need to buy water in your road trip in Norway?

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