Hymer Eriba

Hymer Eriba is a well-known motorhome, campervan and caravan producer that presented Eriba touring caravan Troll 530 Rockabilly and Ocean Drive special models.

Looking Eriba Caravan for sale?

Most of Eriba dealers offer new and used caravans available for immediate purchase or will help you to order a brand new from the factory. Here we made a summary of Eriba dealers in Northern and Western Europe that should help to find good offers directly from Hymer trade partners.

Eriba Touring Troll 530 Rockabilly Caravan Review

Before buying caraval we thoroughly studied the caravan market. We focused on small caravan that would be maneuverable, easy to tow, comfortable and preferably look great!
Why did we chose Hymer Eriba Touring Troll 530 Rockabilly?