Are Caravan Diesel Heaters Noisy?

Due to their low price, a lot of people consider the idea of getting a diesel heater in their caravan. Of course, people are also slightly worried about whether a diesel heater makes a lot of noise, or whether they will actually feel relaxed while they are in their caravan.

Yes. A caravan diesel heater does make a noise. All heaters will. However, the bulk of the noise will happen when you are initially warming up the caravan. Once everything is warmed up to the required temperature, the diesel heater will let out a faint whirring, at most. It is barely going to be noticeable.

The Diesel Heater Will Be Louder Outside Than In

First things first, we do want to point out that the diesel heater is likely going to be a whole lot louder outside of the caravan than inside it. This is because the bulk of the equipment is outside of the caravan.

Because of this, you may have to think a little bit about how close your caravan is to other people. Now, we doubt that it will disturb others. No matter what diesel heater you have, it is going to be nowhere near as loud as a generator. However, it can still put out a bit of noise, which can be irritating for those sitting outside their caravan or inside of a tent nearby. 

You May Hear a Small Amount Of Noise When You Turn It On

Once the diesel heater has been turned on, there will be a rather large amount of sound. This will only continue for a few minutes. It is just the heater kicking itself into action and initially warming up the caravan. It isn’t anything to worry about.

Again, the bulk of this sound is going to be outside of the caravan. This means that you probably won’t have to worry too much about people inside of the caravan hearing it. If they do, it will be a faint whirring and that is it.

You Can Reduce The Sound Of The Diesel Heater By Purchasing a Silencer 

The whole reason why a diesel heater has the ability to be quiet is the fact that there will be a silencer on the exhaust. This basically muffles the sound of the exhaust.

The problem is that many of the cheaper diesel heaters on the market may not have a silencer on the exhaust. Thankfully, this is something that you are easily going to be able to purchase from a store that sells caravan items, so this is probably not going to be too much of an issue for you. However, if you don’t pick up one, then the diesel heater is going to be pumping out a lot of noise…and it isn’t going to be pleasant!

Ways To Reduce The Sound Of a Diesel Heater

As we have said numerous times, a diesel heater isn’t really going to be all that loud. Not once you have a silencer fitted to the exhaust. However, we can give you a few tips that we feel could really help reduce the sound of that heater even more. 

Take Care Where You Mount The Fuel Pump

It is important that you mount the fuel pump in the right place. It should not be placed over any part of the chassis that it is hollow. The hollowness will cause the sound of the pump to echo, which will bolster the noise.

Add a Rubber Stopper To The Mounting Clip

You can purchase these from caravan supply companies. The job of the rubber stopper is to deaden the noise from the fuel line.

Buy The Best Heater and Fuel Pump That You Can Afford

Quietness is not the main focus of the cheaper heaters and fuel pumps on the market. So, if you purchase something cheap, then expect it to be a whole lot noisier than the more expensive options.

Always try to purchase the best equipment that you can afford. Don’t be afraid to splash your cash here either. Your fuel heater is something that you are going to be using a lot while you are out there on the road. You want it to be as quiet and as efficient as possible.


For the most part, diesel heaters for caravans are among the quietest of heaters you can get. The bulk of the noise will be outside rather than inside of the caravan. Just make sure that you use a silencer for the exhaust.