Caravan Motor Mover: Get a Good One With Remote Control

One of the best things about traveling with a caravan is that you can uncouple it from the car and camp your caravan in a tight space and park your car separately. But to move your caravan as a stand-alone unit might be difficult on an incline or uneven surface and you may need help. We solved this problem by installing a motor mover can be a great solution. I will explain how to get the most comfort out of your motor caravan mover.

What is a motor mover and do you really need it for your caravan?

A caravan motor mover is an electric motor mounted on the caravan chassis. A roller contacts the wheel and is powered with a motor and can move caravans up to 2000kg. The driver can operate the mover with remote control and move the caravan in the required directions.

The latest models provide very smooth and precise movements on surfaces with gradients of up to 25-30%.

If you think that it is unreal to meet such a gradient on the road – you should what our road trip video to Folgefonna glacier in Norway. A list of our road trip videos is on this website on our YouTube page.

Anyway, traveling with a caravan opens new horizons for camping in remote locations outside camping sites or even offroad this is a must. These locations not only have more difficult surfaces for proper maneuvering but also more it is harder to get assistance if you got into trouble.

So if any of these challenges makes you worry, then think about installing a caravan motor mover.

What are the types and main characteristics of motor movers?

The most important characteristics of the motor movers are the power of the motors, permissible overall weight, maximum inclement of terrain they are capable to maneuver, the weight of the equipment, price, and availability of the remote control.

Some models offer special features like smooth start but should be considered as extras.

Weight of motor mover.

Weight is important choosing motor movers as it will increase the weight of the caravan and, therefore will reduce maximum effective load. Most of the models are weighing between 30 and 35 kilograms.

The winner in this characteristic is Purpleline e-go Plug and Play which weighs only 24 kilograms. You can see the weight comparison list in the table below.

Permissible overall weight and maximum terrain inclement.

Permissible overall weight over flat terrain is normally twice higher than over terrain with inclement of 25-30%.

Such inclement is rather a sharp rise and uncommon on camping sites or even wild camping spots, therefore you should evaluate if this limitation should be considered for you when choosing a motor mover for your caravan.

A more common use of maneuvering assistant on the flat surface of with inclement up to 15%.

The number of motors for single- and twin-axis caravans.

Most of the manufacturers offer sets of motor movers both for single and twin-axis caravans.

The Single-axis motor mover set includes 2 motors and as twin-axis caravans are heavier, the mover set includes 4 motors accordingly. Therefore, the price nearly doubles for twin-axis movers.

Remote control for more comfort.

The remote control is the most common way to control the movement of the motor mover with a joystick or a handset and allows you to move around and have a good overview of the location.

The movement of the caravan can be done as direct movement, swing or even turning 360° degrees on a single spot. These functions vary on the brand and manufacturer and are worth checking if you have special needs.

Worth mentioning that the remote control is easy to lose, so pay attention while traveling.

Can you install a motor mover yourself?

Installation of the motor mover can be done by most handymen as most of the models do not require drilling and are attached to the chassis with mounting plates and bolts included in the set.

Connection of the equipment to a 12V leisure battery is a more demanding part of the installation and therefore may require the assistance of an electrician at your local dealer or workshop.

What is the price of a motor mover?

Prices for motor movers start from 700$ for single-axis to 2000$ for twin-axis motor movers.

Here is our caravan motor mover comparison table for weight and price.

AL-KO AMS Mammut Mover96037
Enduro 2 Quattro Caravan Motor Mover59030
Leisurewize E-move EM305 Auto90035
Powrtouch Freedom64035
Powrtouch Evolution82530
REICH EASY DRIVER PRO 1.8, 2.3105030
Leisurewize E-move EM30357537
Purpleline e-go Plug and Play100024
Purpleline Quattro Titanium90035

Which caravan motor mover is the best?

The best motor movers for caravans are:

  • AL-KO Mammut
  • Enduro 2 Quattro Caravan Motor Mover
  • Leisurewize E-move EM305 Auto
  • Powrtouch Freedom
  • Powrtouch Evolution
  • Leisurewize E-move EM303
  • Purpleline e-go Plug and Play
  • Purpleline Quattro Titanium

If you are interested in discovering why these motor movers are the best for your caravan, how to install and start using them, then read on.

Truma Mover XT and SX Sets

Truma Mover SX Set is a mover set for single-axis caravans for up to 2000 kilograms. This mover is semi-automatic as it requires manual engagement and disengagement. It is easily done and made with a by-lever movement.

If you consider installing a fully automatic caravan mover, then your choice is Truma Mover XT L for caravans up to 1500 kilograms or Truma Mover XT with a maximum weight of 2300 kilograms.

For owners of twin-axis caravans, there are two models: Truma Mover XT2 and Truma Mover XT4 with maximum weight of caravans of 2300 and 3100 kilograms accordingly.

One of the most important advantages of this mover is that it allows smooth, jerk-free, and safe maneuvering smoothly with continuous control. Often it is a most tricky moment coupling your caravan. Smooth acceleration is performed with Truma Dynamic Move Technology and remote control that allows you to operate the mover and have a good overview from any side.