How much does municipal motorhome parking in Norway cost?

Planning your trip in Norway you may find camping sites, wild camping, or municipal motorhome parking. Here are some examples of prices.

It is easy to come to the conclusion that camping sites a rather overpriced and come to prioritize wild camping. But you will still need to park your caravan or motorhome at a camping site or municipal motorhome parking with electricity and water refill.

The average cost of municipal motorhome parking is 150-250 Norwegian krone’s or 15-25$ per day but may not include electricity or water.

Here are some examples of prices of municipal parking:

We have made a map with more than 3000 free rest stops, municipal parking, and commercial camping sites. Save the link to the map to your bookmarks, so will have the map always available.

You can also watch out video guide about wild camping in Norway.

Motorhome parkingPrice per dayServices IncludedAdditional
Motorhome parking in Fredrikstad:
Fredrikstad Guest Marina
and RV parking
Directions on google maps
250 NOKElectricity
n/a10 places
Motorhome parking in Jørpeland:
Jørpeland bobilparkering i Vågen
Directions on google maps
155 NOKWater
Electricity: 51 NOK
Shower: 10 NOK
Washer/Dryer: 30 NOK
22 places
Motorhome parking in Tønsberg:
Tønsberg – Korten bobilparkering
Directions on google maps
200 NOK
20 NOK/Hr
n/aElectricity:100 NOK
(Handicap card)
23 places
Motorhome parking in Os:
Bubil- og caravanparkering i Os
Directions on google maps
150 NOK
for period
n/a8 places
Motorhome parking in Mysen:
Mysen stellplass
Directions on google maps
(Free for RV)
n/a8 places
Motorhome parking in Vestnes:
Livneset Bobilparkering
Directions on google maps
150 NOKWaterElectricity: 57 NOK
(Battery charging)
Shower in Marina
8 places