Can You Use RV Toilet While Driving?

You don’t get to decide when nature calls, and sometimes when you’re on board an RV this can be a tricky situation. You’ll want to keep your travel time to a minimum, especially when on long adventures, and stopping for bathroom breaks along the way can quickly add to your total traveling time.

If you’re lucky enough to have an RV, you may feel like stopping at an external restroom to do your business is completely pointless considering you already have a bathroom on board, but is it legal to use your toilet whilst onboard a moving RV?

The answer is yes, it is legal to go to the bathroom on a moving RV, however, going to the bathroom on a moving campervan that’s attached to a vehicle by a trailer is illegal, and you may only do so when it is parked. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about going to the bathroom on a moving RV and some other facts about what else you can do whilst an RV is in motion, then keep on reading.

Using The RV Toilet While Driving

As we’ve already established, it is completely safe and legal to go to the toilet whilst your RV is in motion, you’ll just want to make sure the water pump is turned on. 

You won’t need to turn any sort of generator on before you use the toilet, but do make sure that the water pump is turned on before you get back on the road unless you want the toilet to be a holding place for your waste as you won’t be able to flush it.

Can You Use RV Toilet While Driving?

However, as you already know, using your RVs toilet is different from the toilet you’re used to in the comfort of your own home, and you’ll need to ensure you keep up with the correct care and maintenance. 

Liquid waste will go directly through the system when you flush the toilet, but if you’re going to do a number-two then you’ll need to add some water to the bowl (half a cup) to help clear the bowl and drain the system. 

Your RV toilet is connected to a sewage tank, which will require you to empty when it reaches its maximum limit. This is not particularly the nicest job, and many families will argue amongst themselves about whose turn it is to do it. 

Tips For Using The RV Toilet While Driving

The toilet systems on an RV are more susceptible to clogging than residential toilets, so you’ll need to be careful with what you’re flushing. For example, you’ll need to use septic-safe toilet paper, which is unfortunately quite expensive (but getting your RV toilet fixed will be more expensive).

Any other products that a residential toilet may be able to handle like feminine hygiene products, flushable paper towels, or wipes should not be placed in an RV toilet as these will cause the system to clog and could potentially damage the whole system. Instead, these products should be placed in a waste bin inside the bathroom. 

Be considerate of everyone else on board who also has to use the toilet, if you’ve eaten something that’s upset your stomach, then it may be worth pulling over to a restroom to relieve yourself instead of making your fellow travelers endure the misery of stench that’s coming from the RV toilet.

Keep a toilet brush, toilet cleaner, and scented spray or diffuser in your RV bathroom to keep on top of your toilet maintenance. 

Whenever using your RV on the road, you should try to make sure you return to your seat and put your seatbelt back on as soon as possible, after all, the toilet wasn’t designed to be an additional seat. 

Can You Use An RV Shower While Driving?

Yes, you can use your RV shower whilst the RV is in motion, just make sure there’s enough water in the freshwater tank for you to use to wash properly. Some state laws may forbid people from taking showers when the RV is in motion, so double-check before you embark on a journey. 

Tips For Showering When Your RV Is Moving

Walking around an RV whilst it is in motion is not the easiest job, let alone, when you’re standing in a wet slippery shower cubicle. To ensure you’re kept safe (or as safe as possible) whilst in the shower when the RV is in motion, put some shower grips down on the floor so you don’t slip and fall.

You may also want to consider installing a shower handle within the shower to hold on to when the journey is especially bouncy, this may come in handy for older passengers who are more unstable as well. 

This is not the time to be having a luxuriously long relaxing shower, try to be as quick as possible so you can dry off and get back to your seat. 

What Else Can You Do Whilst An RV Is In Motion?

Some laws state that all passengers are required to wear a seat belt when the RV is in motion, apart from when they are going to the toilet. However, other laws are more lenient and may allow passengers to move around the RV whilst it’s moving. Make sure to check with the laws of the state you’re driving in. 

Unfortunately, the other activities you can do aboard a moving RV are pretty limited. You can take a nap, but you’ll have to be in your seat with your seatbelt buckled. You can also eat and drink, but you’ll also have to sit with a seatbelt on, do you see where we’re going with this?

Final Thoughts

So yes, it is legal to use the bathroom onboard a moving RV, however, these may vary depending on which state you’re driving through. You may also want to minimize using your bathroom onboard your RV to prevent hassles such as changing your sewage tank more frequently, the risk of the tank overflowing, and using up valuable power to heat the water or to operate the toilet.