Do Solar Powered Coolers For Camping Work?

Solar powered coolers are great for camping. They are better than ice coolers because you have more room for food and you don’t have to worry about ice melting. They are also extremely portable and you won’t run out of energy thanks to the solar panels.

Are you sick and tired of your ice cooler? Consider a solar powered cooler!

What is a solar powered cooler?

Solar powered coolers are coolers that are powered by solar energy. They range from small to refrigerator-sized. There are so many different sizes and prices on the market that you are sure to be able to find one that fits your needs.

Solar powered coolers use energy from the sun to power a DC cooler to keep all of your food and drink cold without needing ice. Ice coolers are inconvenient because you need to use most of the cooler space for ice and it eventually melts. As it melts it can get into your food.

What is a DC cooler?

A DC cooler is similar to a normal ice chest. The difference is that a DC cooler has an air intake port and thermoelectric unit. Instead of adding ice to lower the temperature, a DC cooler lowers the temperature by distributing cool air created by the thermoelectric plate.

They use the Peltier effect to operate. This effect causes a difference in temperature when heat is transferred between two different electrical junctions. 

When the current goes through the junction, heat is removed at one junction and cooling takes place.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work when a photon knocks electrons free, which generates electricity. 

They are made of a bunch of small units known as photovoltaic cells. All of these cells work together to make one solar panel.

Each cell is made of two slices of semiconducting material, typically silicon. Each slice has either a positive charge or a negative charge. This creates an electric field.

What are some features of solar powered coolers?

Solar powered coolers have compact and lightweight battery systems. They are completely portable- just fold the solar table up and use its wheels. The cooler can go beneath the solar table for an even greater cooling effect.

They are often powered by portable lithium battery packs of about 150 watt-hours. These batteries can also charge other portable accessories like cell phones and laptops.

Some are larger and some are smaller- both the cooler itself and the solar panels. 

The solar panel stores excess energy in the battery and when the battery gets used, the solar panel refills the battery’s energy. They can last overnight because the battery stores enough energy throughout the day to last the whole night.

You can theoretically use a solar powered cooler forever as long as you have the right sun conditions!

Are solar powered coolers effective?

Thermoelectric cooling isn’t as effective or efficient as the compression and evaporation cycle of kitchen refrigerators. But with new technology, thermoelectric coolers are reaching lower and lower temperatures. What couldn’t be done 5 years ago is now old news.

They are very good for portability because they are lightweight. Also, since there is no liquid refrigerant, there is no risk of a pressure leak.

They are also much better than ice coolers.

So when it comes to camping, they are absolutely your best option.

What food can I bring with me?

Forget the oatmeal you used to have to eat while camping. Gone are the days of trail mix, freeze-dried food, and prepackaged slush. Now you have the freedom to eat all of the fresh food you love!

Bring plenty of water, more than you think you need. Don’t pack them all in the fridge to start- fit just a few and then refill the fridge with water as you need more.

Sandwiches are always a good go-to. Refrigerate everything- the bread, cheese, and meat. Bring condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

Eggs with sausage or bacon are great for breakfast.

Don’t forget snacks, too- chips with hummus, guacamole, or salsa are all delicious while camping. Put fruit in the fridge because it will go bad quickly if left out in the heat.

For dinner, you can go big- cook burgers or hot dogs!

Final thoughts

Solar powered coolers make all the difference while camping. You no longer have to worry about ice and can bring your favorite foods with you. They are by far the best cooler option for camping.