Camper Van Propane Heaters

If you have a camper, that explains how much you like to traverse the outdoors. Then, sometimes you may choose to explore cold regions within your region or others. However, the cold temperatures may discourage you from traveling, and that’s where the heater comes in. You may wonder which heater to choose and what to look for.

You should consider purchasing a heater that fits your camper, budget, and fuel options during traveling. Additionally, it is an added advantage if the device has safety features. There are many heaters to choose from, but the propane heater is a top choice among them.

So, if you are in a world of confusion about which propane heater to choose from, worry less. Explanations on what you need to know about a propane heater and how to spot the best from the rest will be provided here. Keep on reading to learn more.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Heater

A good heater suits all your needs and fits your estimated budget. The following features will examine your safety concerns, flexibility, and travel costs.

The following are among the features you should consider when purchasing a heater.

The Camper’s Size

The heater you choose should fit almost perfectly in your campervan. It is a wastage of resources that you use a large heater for a small van. Additionally, a small heater cannot adequately heat the surroundings of a large camper.

Fuel Options

Before choosing to head out for a camping experience, check to see if the fuel in your heater is enough to last the whole period.

It is also necessary to ensure that the place you are visiting has fuel points where you can refill your heater.

Shapes and sizes of the fuel tanks will make you account for where the heater will be stored. The cost of fuel needs consideration. The time you will spend in cold areas will determine the fuel option you will use.


The heater you purchase should sit well with the depth of your pocket. If you do not have enough money, you may buy the one you can afford, but it may fail to cater to your needs. Are you going to take such a risk? 

Buying a good heater is essential. Although it may be expensive, the services it will provide for you will be excellent and will last longer than a cheaper heater.

Safety Features of the Camper’s Heater

You should fit the heater with a safety switch that flips when the amount of oxygen or fuel supply is low. This safety feature is necessary as it minimizes the risk of any fatal accident happening.

Blockage or placement of materials on the device is a huge risk as it may cause it to blow up, causing a big issue or even injuries.

To stay safe, install a fire detector and fire extinguisher in your campervan in case there’s a fire.  

What is the Camper Van’s Best Heater?

A good heater is not easy to find, but a solid drive to choose one

 is necessary. Finding an excellent heater for your campervan does not have to be daunting. You can check the following propane heaters with pocket-friendly prices and fantastic performance:

1.     Mr. Heater Buddy Radiant Heater (9,000 BTU)

Mr Heater 4000 to 18000 BTU 3 Setting Portable LP Gas Heater Unit with Dual Tank Connection for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Black/Red

The Mr. Heater Buddy Radiant Heater is the best propane heater in overall performance. Its portability, fair prices, and usage safety make it a top pick for you.

Mr. Heater can effectively heat in approximately 20 minutes, an area of around 225 square feet. Isn’t that fast? Another thing that makes this device effectively stand out is its adaptable gray unit color, which allows it to blend with any decorative piece.

Its size and weight are just exquisite. With a weight of around 9- 10.6 pounds, it is portable to move from one place to another. A foldable handle enables it to cover a small area. 

With an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and a safety shut-off accidental switch, the chances of mishaps are minimal. This device does not stop there, as you can use it outdoors.

High recommendations are given when purchasing this heater. A 1 -20gallon adaptable propane hose is needed when the heat is for longer periods. For a 1lb tank, its supply is about 4-5 hours on low, while on high, it goes for 2.5 hours. Above 7000 feet, it ceases to be functional.

This product prohibits using materials other than those from the manufacturer.


  • Fast space heating.
  • Portable and covers a small space.
  • Safety features such as the ODS and auto-shutoff.


  • Requires a hose and a large tank to run longer.
  • Products for usage should be from the Mr. Heater attachments and accessories.

2.     Mr. Heater Little Buddy (3,800 BTU)

Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Propane Heater With Portable|Low-Oxygen Safety Shutoff|Tip-Over Protection|Lightweight, Medium , Black/Red

This heater is the best small propane heater. Are you interested in a close-packed, light, and simple utilization device? Then this particular one is the right product for you.

Mr. Heater Little Buddy can fit in a mid-size camper, and it can heat around 95 square-foot in record time. It has an upward angle of 450. Thus, its effectiveness and performance are commendable.

From its name, you can easily note it is easily portable. So, if you choose to go hiking, you can attach it to your backpack. Additionally, you can choose to put it inside your tent if you are camping outdoors. Its usage is for mid-sized campers but not motorized vehicles. 

Little buddy works well with a 1lb propane tank; you can get your heat for 5-6 hours from that single tank. When setting it up inside your camper, ensure it is on a flat surface because it has a flat base, and its top is heavy.

Its safety features are similar to those of Mr. Heater Buddy.


  • It is close-packed.
  • Guaranteed portability.
  • Suitable for small places.


  • Extra care is necessary when using indoors as it may fall because of its heavy top part.
  • Limited to using a 1lb propane tank.

3.     Gasland Propane Radiant Heater (18,000 BTU)

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For an 18000 BTU heater, this is the most powerful propane heater currently present.

The Gasland propane radiant heater is a force to be reckoned with, for the warmth it produces is simply priceless. At the top setting, it can heat a 450-foot radius and has a three-heater setting from the lowest to highest (6000, 12000, 18000 BTU). For portability, it has built-in wheels with a handle to pull it. 

This heater requires a 20lb liquid propane tank to heat your camper for long. Compared to Mr. Buddy Heater and the Little buddy heater that give you 5-6 hours. Gasland provides heat for almost 70 hours on low setting and on high for nearly 20 hours.

It contains a low oxygen sensor detector, an auto-shut-off system, and high warmth production. Due to its small size, knocking it over is easy, but it contains an accident turn-off switch, thus avoiding problems.

This device’s usage is not restricted indoors as it can be used outdoors and can certainly compete with a campfire. Its usage can also be felt outdoors for heating and drying wet campfire wood.

Above 4500 feet, it may fail to work due to the low amount of oxygen present. At 17.4 pounds without the tank and a height of about 21.7 inches and 15 inches in width, it is not advisable to use it in a small campervan.


  • Quiet and fast performance
  • The performance price is good.
  • The wheel is a bonus as you can go through tight spaces.


  • Not advisable for high altitudes.
  • It is heavy; hence portability is not easy.
  • Unsuitable for tiny spaces.

4.     Mr. Heater Vent-Free Propane Heater (10,000 BTU)

Mr. Heater Vent-Free 10,000 BTU Radiant Propane Heater, Multi

This heater is one of a kind, as it is the quietest propane heater. So, if you’re thinking of sleeping outdoors and are afraid that the other heaters will produce noise. Then choose this one as it makes no noise at all.

Due to its large size, its movement is not easy. However, in your camper, you may choose to mount it on one of the sides. 

On a high-power setting, it can reach 10000 BTU and heat for about 9 hours on only a single tank. Being a radiant heater means it heats objects in your camper, not the air. So, it simply does not waste its heat on irrelevant places.

The downside to this particular heater is to be wary when using it since it does not contain a shut-off switch if it’s knocked over. 

Above 4500 feet, it may fail to work.


  • The radiant heat it produces is efficient.
  • It is mountable on the wall.


  • Lacks a safety feature like other propane heaters.
  • Limited portability.

Final Thoughts

From the information above, it is safe to say that a propane heater is effective when traveling to cold places. Since they contain safety features, they are portable and cost-friendly.

Now, if you need to travel to cold places, you should not postpone your travel plans due to the temperature. You now have a heater that will cater to your warmth and thereby increase your wonderful camping experience outdoors.