Camper Van Wood Stove

Going on a vacation in your camper van is adventurous and exciting. Unlike other means of traveling, a camper van gives you a feel–at–home experience because you can do most of the things you do at home like cooking and relaxing. If you are visiting a cold place, you need a source of heat in your van to continue enjoying its ambiance. A camper van wood stove is your ideal source of heat because no other camper heater will give you a more natural experience.

Kimberly wood stove is the best camper van wood burner. This sleek and classic stove is cylindrical shaped and hence occupies a small space. Furthermore, its gasification technology enables it to burn fuel twice hence minimal wastage. Kimberly is ideal for small and large vans.

Before you choose a wood stove for your van, it is necessary to study its features and find out its cost and effectiveness. In this post, we have compiled everything you need to know about camper van wood stoves, how to choose one for your vans, and the various types in the market.

Can You Put a Stove in a Camper?

Yes, you can put a stove in a camper but you should take precautions because burning wood-derived fuel in your van can be risky. Before you install a wood stove in your van, take note of the following.

  • Your camper should have enough space to avoid accidents while moving around
  • Your van must be well ventilated to allow in plenty of air rich in oxygen. Wood-derived fuels produce carbon monoxide when they burn in limited air (poorly ventilated rooms) and can cause suffocation.
  • Your van should be well insulated to minimize loss of heat through the walls, ceiling, and floor.
  • Your van should have an exhaust to allow carbon dioxide from the burning fuel to move out instead of accumulating inside.

If your van meets the above requirements, you can acquire a wood stove that fits in the available space and meets your needs and preferences.

How Do I Choose a Wood-Burning Stove for Camper Van?

Your needs and the type of camper van you have determine the wood-burning stove you choose for your van. In addition to cost, ask yourself the following before choosing a wood stove for your camper.

  • Does the stove design meet your preference? A camper wood stove adds to the aesthetic value of the interior of your van. There are different designs of camper stoves on the market, therefore you should choose one that appeals to you most.
  • How much heat does the stove produce?  The heat production of camper van wood burners ranges from 3000-100000 British Thermal Units (BTUs). If you are installing the stove to warm your van only, one producing low heat is ideal while those ones with high output are good for warming your camper and cooking.
  • What type of fuel does the burner use? Some stoves are designed for specific fuel types while others can use more than one type. Furthermore, some fuels emit a lot of smoke and can only be used in the rural setup where there is no smoke control requirement.
  • Why are you installing the stove? A small stove is ideal for your van if you need it solely for warming. However, if you want a stove to keep your camper warm and serve as a cooker, you should choose a medium or large one. 
  • What is your budget?  The amount of money you have to spend on a camper van stove will determine the type you choose. Moreover, you should factor in the fuel type that your preferred burner uses and find out if you can afford it. 

What is the Best Wood Stove for a Camper Van?

There are different designs of camper van wood burners in the market today. These burners come in different sizes, shapes, and costs. Here is a list of the best wood stoves for camper vans.

Kimberly Wood Stove

Kimberly is a sleek cylindrical-shaped wood stove weighing about 60lbs. It has a 12-inch base and its internal diameter is about 10 inches. Its metallic casing is silver painted which makes it reflect heat from the burning fuel hence minimizing heat loss.

This wood burner comes with an approved 6-inch clearance and has a cooking space at the top if you would like to use it for cooking. Its medium height makes it comfortable to cook with since you don’t have to bend while cooking. 

Kimberly is ideal for different van types including medium and large ones and is the most economical in fuel consumption. The burner is designed with a gasification technology where the wooden-derived fuel undergoes double combustion. First, the fuel burns to a gas, and the stove goes on to burn the gas to produce heat energy. 

If you are looking for a stove that will keep your van warm for longer, this is the ideal make. Its double combustion property makes it burn for long, keeping your camper warm throughout.

The Dwarf 3KW

If your van is small and has limited space for a wood stove, the Dwarf 3KW is your ideal choice.  This small-sized burner is made of steel and cast iron with a fuel compartment at the top. The compartment window allows plenty of air into the stove which helps in the complete combustion of the fuel.

At the top, a cylindrical outlet is fitted to allow the gases from the burning fuel to move out hence keeping the interior of the van non-stuffy. This burner produces 3 kilowatts of energy hence the name 3KW. 

Below the fuel compartment is an ash pan where the ash from the burning wood collects making the emptying process easier. If you are cooking with this stove, the space at the top acts as the cooking space.

The Dwarf 3KW stands on tall legs that help direct the incoming fresh air to flow into the fuel compartment through the large window. The cast iron wall absorbs heat hence keeping your van warm for long even after the fuel is exhausted.

This small-sized burner is highly durable with a good heat retention capacity.

CUB Mini Wood Stove

If you have a small van or a big van with many items leaving you with limited space for installing a wood burner, the CUB Mini wood stove will come in handy. The square-shaped stove is ideal for less than 250 square feet. 

Standing on four medium legs, this burner has a large window to let in plenty of air for the complete burning of fuel. To reduce the amount of smoke emitted, the stove has a secondary combustion function which ensures your fuel burns fully. 

At the top of this burner is a metallic grill where you can place your items while cooking. The 12×10.5×10 square-shaped stove is ideal if you don’t want to spend much on fuel since it uses wood. The reflective surface prevents heat loss by reflecting heat from the burning wood.

CUB mini is cheap and economical although you have to purchase a separate flue to let smoke and other waste gases out of the burner.

The Double Door Burner

A classic rectangular burner standing on four medium legs with a large fire compartment and double doors makes camper life cozier. The double door not only lets in plenty of air but also offers you a cozy feel as you watch the fuel being swallowed in flames. 

At the top is a flue letting smoke and carbon dioxide from the burning wood out, this keeps your van well ventilated. 

The burner is bulky and therefore ideal for large vans serving more people. It can carry up to 4kg of wood at a time and has about 80% efficiency.

The Hobbit Wood Stove

This is a compact multi-fuel burner, one of three small stoves specially designed for vehicles & RVs by Salamander Stoves. Standing on four legs that can be easily fitted to your camper floor with four bolts. Don’t forget about the hearth for the stove or stone base if you have enough space and capacity.

The legs are mounted with bolts to keep the burner stylish and securely fastened on the van. If you plan to go camping with your friends, Hobbit is the real deal. It can serve a large group and is durable.

This stove has a top door large enough to enjoy the beauty of fire through the glass window with greatly improved Airwash technology. It has an ash pan compartment to empty the ashes and is ideal for a large group.

Final Thoughts

Camper van wood stoves are a must-have item in your camper van. They are easy to install and relatively cheap to maintain. Since they use wood-derived fuels, they produce fewer pollutants and are therefore environmentally friendly. 

If you are going out camping or are living in a van, you can have a more adventurous and natural experience with a wood stove. However, it would be best if you took precautions before installing a wood stove to avoid getting into accidents. Note that any flammable substance in your van should be kept away from your burner.