Get Swivel Seat in your Camper Van! How to Turn Van Seat into Swivel Seat

Do you want to make your campervan more versatile? One of the best methods of adding functionality and versatility to your mobile home is investing in swivel seats. These seats are dual purpose as you can rotate them to the front or back. Swivel chairs make your campervan more spacious and accessible as you don’t need additional seats. 

You can turn your standard van seat into a swivel chair by installing an aftermarket swivel seat base that makes it possible for the seat to rotate. Alternatively, you can buy a campervan with factory-installed swivel seats. However, the best way is to buy a swivel seat base and convert your van’s chair into a swivel yourself.

Camper Van Swivel Seats 
Camper Van Swivel Seats

Turning your campervan seats into swivel chairs is cheaper if you do it yourself. Read this article to understand how to turn your van seat into a swivel seat. The article will also review some of the best swivel seats for your van and how they function. 

Camper Van Swivel Seats 

When looking for a campervan swivel seat, there are a few factors to consider. These include: 

  • Ease of installation
  • Weight 
  • Height
  • Usability 
  • Does it wobble or squeak?

You need to find a reliable swivel seat that is easy to operate and install, affordable, and that won’t squeak or wobble after using it for a while. Some of the best three swivels you can get for your van include: 

  • Scopema Swivel Seat Adapter 

The Scopema swivel seat adapter is available for your Ford Transit, Dodge Promaster, and Mercedes Sprinter campervans. It is one of the best swivels due to its smooth rotation and affordable pricing. If your car lacks an electric parking brake, the Scopema swivel base comes with a handbrake lowering bracket. 

Besides, it is easy to install swivel bases from Scopema as they are packed with an installation guide for both the passenger and driver seat. The Scopema swivels weigh 30lbs and only add 7/8” height to your seat. You’ll also enjoy smooth rotation with less friction, minimal wobbling, and no squeaking noises. 

  • DiscountVanTruck Swivel Base 

The DiscountVanTruck swivel base is among the most affordable swivels you can get. Additionally, it has very low wobbling, making it more secure. However, the DiscountVanTruck swivel bases are heavy as they weigh 40lbs, and the height is 1-5/8 inches.

The swivel base is also slightly resistant when you want to rotate it, but it does not produce a lot of squeaking sounds. One downside to the DiscountVanTruck swivel base is that it might be hard to install as you need to disconnect wires and cables.

  • SwivelsRus Swivel Seat Adaptor 

If you are looking for the lightest swivel base, go for the SwivelsRus Swivel Seat Adaptor. This adaptor only weighs 22lbs and is super easy to install. Besides, it has minimal resistance when rotating with no squeaking and minimal wobbling. 

The main downside to installing SwivelsRus swivel bases is that they make the seat higher since they have a 2-1/8″ height. Regardless, it is an excellent swivel base to turn your campervan driver or passenger seat into a swivel seat. 

How Does a Van Swivel Seat Work?

The van swivel seat uses the swivel plate to make its functions of swiveling and rotating. To make the van seat swivel, place a swivel plate under the seat and attach it to the base. For the swivel seat to work best, you should set the swivel plate at the center of the seat base. 

The working mechanism of van swivel seats depends on the type of swivel seat installed in your campervan. If the seat uses an offset design like in Amazing Auto Swivel Seats, it rotates easily while getting away from the dashboard and doors. 

Typically, van swivel seats have a lever that you pull to rotate the seat to the direction you desire. If the swivel base has a lot of friction, it might feel hard to swivel the chair. 

How Do I Turn my Van Seats into Swivel Seats?

If you already have a campervan and planning to turn the passenger or driver seat into swivel seats, you can buy a swivel plate and install it yourself. To install the swivel plate and turn your van seat into a rotating/swivel seat, follow these steps: 

Disconnect the Van Battery

You need to locate the battery in your van and disconnect the negative terminal to prevent it from transferring power to the seat. If you have a Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, or Sprinter, you will easily find the battery on the side floorboard on the driver’s seat. 

Remove the Seat Bolts 

Depending on the configuration of the van seat, you might have to disconnect some cables before loosening the bolts. For instance, the Promaster has three cables that you should disconnect before operating on the chair. 

You will need a T30 torx bit or T40 socket to remove all the bolts attached to the seat. After this, you can lift off the chair and place it outside the van. 

Install the Swivel Plate

Installing the swivel plate or base is easy since the holes match the ones on your seat base. Align the gaps with the ones on your campervan, then tighten the swivel plate using the bolts packed with it. 

Connect Back the Seat 

After installing the swivel plate, lift the chair and install it using the bolts you removed. To ensure the seat is firm, tighten the bolts completely. Next, reconnect all disconnected cables and return the battery’s negative cord.  

Once everything is set, test your newly-installed swivel chair by rotating it to the back of the van and then to its original position. 

Final Thoughts 

If your mobile home does not have a swivel seat, you can make it more versatile and enjoyable by turning the standard seats into swivel seats. You will need to purchase a swivel base and then install it using the steps provided in this article. 

With swivel seats, you will enjoy more space in your campervan and make it easier to access the back of your recreational vehicle once you stop. Turn your van seat into a swivel seat and enjoy driving, chatting, or reading a book with the ergonomic seat.