Why are There so Many Teslas in Norway?

One of the first things spotted by tourists and visitors in Norway is a large number of electric cars and Teslas on the roads. This gives an impression of a responsible ecological attitude to nature and the high wealth of people leaving in Norway. But are these real reasons for it? Let`s take a closer look!

Why are electric cars so popular in Norway?

Subsidies and reduced taxation on fully electric cars and high taxes on fossil fuel cars make car prices equivalent. Free or discounted toll roads and ferries and low charging costs make electric cars attractive for buyers.

More buyers of new cars choose electric cars instead of fossil fuel or hybrid cars. By the end of 2020, there we 340,002 fully electric cars registered in Norway. With a total number of 2,512,317 private households in Norway, it makes about 13,5% of families own electric cars and the number keeps increasing.

There are 5 major factors, that make a purchase of a fully electric car preferable in Norway and it becomes very popular in commercial use as well.

Enviromental ideas

Green policies and environmentally friendly solutions are getting more and more popular among Norwegians, including the government, families, and companies. Zero-emission vehicles are not only used by private persons but are more and more involved in commercial operations by local companies.

Most of the power in Norway is produced on hydropower plants and therefore is green, so there is no dispute about the origin of the powers used by electric cars. Car manufacturers offer now minivans and larger vans, so today you can meet a plumber, courier, or postman driving an electric car.

Price of the new cars

Due to high taxes on fossil cars in Norway and reduces taxation for import and registration of electric cars, the prices for similar class cars are equivalent. Depending on the engine and exhaust volume of “regular” fuel cars, electric cars often have more attractive price offers. Tesla Model 3 and Y prices are mentioned below.

Cost of driving and owning

Owning and driving a car in Norway is rather costly and includes annual fees, insurance, toll road use, ferries, and service. Electric cars have lower annual fees and significant or free tall roads and a 75% discount on ferries using Autopass tag.

Increasing fuel prices make driving EV very beneficial for all owners, especially in towns surrounded by toll stations.

Charging facilities

An increasing number of electric cars on Norwegian roads led to huge investments in building charging stations all over Norway. Tesla made a huge impact on the market by building Superchargers along main roads and in main cities.

Today most shopping malls, parking, gas stations have lots with charging stations. This is a demand of the market and new stations are continuously appearing on the map. In November 2021 there is a total of 18893 charging points in Norway.

Advantage on the road

Electric cars can drive in many public transport lanes. This gives a great advantage for electric car in bigger cities with heavier traffic. The main rule is that electric cars can drive in public transport and shared use fields, but this can be limited with a separate sign, because the regulations may differ.

How many people in Norway own a Tesla?

The number of Tesla owners increases every week and the exact number can be tracked on the TeslaStats website. As of November 2021, there are currently over 21,112 Model S registered in Norway, 13,845 Model X, 32,975 Model 3, and 4,874 Model Y that result in a total of 72,918 vehicles. This means that 2.90% of Norwegian households own a Tesla.

Despite the high number of Tesla owners, it is not the most popular brand in Norway. Here are the top 5 most popular EV manufacturers in Norway.

EV BrandTotal number of cars
Nissan78 349
Volkswagen77 870
Top 5 EV brands in Norway in 2021

and most popular model by November 2021.

Electric car modelTotal number of cars
Nissan Leaf70 905
Volkswagen Golf48 105
Tesla Model 332 981
BMW i329 953
Kia Soul22 340
Top 5 EV car models in Norway in 2021

What are Tesla prices in Norway

The comparison of the prices in Norway is the best way to complete the picture of the popularity of the Tesla cars in Norway.

The price of the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is 384,232 kroner ($44,901), Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor is 464,112 kroner ($54,236) and Model 3 Performance Long Range is 507,542 kroner ($59,311).

The price of the Tesla Model Y Long Range is 534,900 kroner ($62,508) and Model Y Performance Long Range is 589,900 kroner ($68,936).

It is not correct to compare electric cars with fossil fuel cars, but the above-mentioned price levels in Norway correspond to the BMW 3-series for Tesla Model Y.