Best Fresh and Wastewater Containers for your Caravan

A caravan needs many accessories that will help its functioning. And water containers are a crucial part of it.

There are many water containers in the market, and it could be hard for you to find the right one. We attempted to give out names of some of the successful brands that make the best quality containers.

Check them out and choose what to get!

Freshwater Containers

Freshwater containers are used to store water that is usable during your trip.

You can get a simple white water container that is small or medium in size. These containers should be easy to carry once you fill them.

Freshwater Containers now come with wheels; this makes it easy for you to transport them without stressing your muscles. You will find many freshwater containers, but our advice is to look at them properly before purchasing them.

Running out of water is the worst thing. Most people would do their best to avoid such a situation. So, by getting some of the best freshwater containers, you can be saved from a lot of trouble.

Some containers could be costly but are easily accessible than the regular white containers. If you want to avoid the carrying business, then choose the expensive tanks. With the money you are ready to pay, you are buying benefits. You’ll also be filling it only once as it comes with a good holding capacity.

The heavier yet easy to transport container can be easily pulled and placed in your caravan. These are also called rolling water carriers.

The first and the original one is from the Aquaroll.

It’s a prominent company that has been a household name in the caravan world for years. Now many more brands have emerged that have significantly made their mark by producing quality water containers. They have come up with Freshwater containers that vary according to their models and capacities.

Aquaroll has been in the industry for the longest and continues to produce water containers. The containers come in 29-litre and 40-liters. And they are available in two colors which are beige and metallic silver.

The containers are in the shape of a cylinder, and the ends are tied up to a handle that you can pull.

Another reliable brand is Fiamma which brings to us a 40-liter freshwater container that has wheels on the base.

Royal is a caravan accessory company that also produces freshwater containers; it’s especially known for the Aquarius rolling water tank, which is similar to Aquaroll.

The last brand we would like to mention is Kempa which manufactures containers that are 40-liters, and they are usually in pale grey.

Wastewater Containers

When looking for wastewater containers, you’ll know that you get both- carried by hand or pull-along containers- for easy filling and accessibility.

We have one container in our RV cassette toilet and it could be reasonable to have an extra container for wastewater and it could be a reserve container for the toilet, but we studied the market for alternative options.

Here too, similar brands have contributed to making their mark.

Royals have come with a bright green-colored wastewater container that is capable of holding 40- liters of water. The container has two wheels on the base, which will allow you to pull it along the way as you empty it and bring it back to your caravan.

There is also another model produced by Royals. This is like the basic black waste water container. The capacity of this container is 10 liters, it doesn’t come with wheels, and thus, you’ll need to carry it with a handle placed on top.

Aquaroll has brought to us the Waste Master container that can hold 38 liters. It’s similar to the freshwater range when it comes to the colors, which are beige and metallic silver.

The last one we have on the list is Kampa.

Kampa has made a wastewater container that comes with wheels, just like its freshwater model. The wheels are fitted to the base, and it’s easy to transport them along the roads. Its capacity is 40 liters.

There are many more brands in the market, but the ones we mentioned have proved their significance over the years. They have earned a lot of love from the caravan travelers.

Make sure to check the quality before getting the containers. Since containing water is a crucial task, you need to get the best storage. If not, you’ll face a lot of trouble cleaning up the wastewater, and losing freshwater could be very frustrating, especially while caravanning. You must use water sparingly.

Keep the Containers Clean

Even though you buy durable containers, you will need to replace them from time to time. Especially the freshwater containers.

To keep them durable for long, you’ll need to clean them every time you empty or fill the containers.

Don’t let water stagnate for long; it would be tough for you to clean it later.

Choose cleaning agents like chemicals that we mentioned in the article about cassette toilets to make sure that the containers are clean. There are many more ways to clean your containers. Choose what’s easy and more accessible to you.

Handles or Pull-along

Since there are two types of containers, you can choose what’s needed for you. If you can carry heavyweights, you can go for containers that come with a handle. But if you find that extremely challenging, don’t worry; the container manufacturing brands have inserted wheels for you to easily pull along the containers after you fill them or when you are about to empty.

When you are dealing with wastewater, it’s best to go for those with wheels to them. It helps you drain the contents more easily. And it’s more comfortable to pull it along than to carry it by a handle.

You’ll also find wheeled trolleys, which are even easier to handle and pull along.


We hope this short, informative article has helped you discover a good brand of fresh and wastewater containers.

Make sure to check twice before getting them. Also, find out what capacity is best suited for your caravan and choose the containers accordingly.

You’ll need to take good care of the containers if you want them to last long. It’s essential to keep a constant check over them. If necessary, spot the damage before and replace it to avoid significant troubles.

Quality and performance play an important role, so choose your containers wisely.