Eriba Puck – Classic And Legendary Touring Caravan

For many, the Eriba Puck is a caravan that seems to have been lost to history. First launched in the 1950s, this German beauty was a rather compact caravan that could be towed by most vehicles.

However, sadly, as modern caravans started to be introduced, people forgot about the Eriba Puck. It is now confined to small enthusiasts groups. It is a shame, really. In our opinion, the Eriba Puck is a legend.

On this page, we are going to tell you absolutely everything that you need to know about the Eriba Puck.

Eriba Puck Exterior

Who Made the Eriba Puck?

The Eriba Puck was one of the first caravans produced by Eriba. They are a German company that is still in existence to this day.

While Eriba no longer makes the Puck, you can tell that the Puck was an inspiration for the various modern caravan models that they have released. Many of them have the same design flair and are built for a smaller number of occupants.

Eriba Puck is a very tiny caravan. We have made a summary of all Eriba touring model dimensions, but here are the main dimensions of the caravan you can see in the pictures. This model is from 1974 that was owned by a single family for over 45 years.

Eriba Puck Caravan Dimensions (1974 model)Measurement in cm
Overall Length395
Overall Width165
Body Length295
Interior Width155
Max Weight500
Toilet/ ShowerNo

Eriba Puck is the smallest caravan of Eriba Touring until 2021 when the production of this model was stopped. Now, the smallest caravan is the Familia model.

Car with Eriba Puck on seaside

What Years Was The Eriba Puck Made In?

The very first Eriba Puck was produced in the late 1950s. This is currently the most desirable model with Eriba Puck enthusiasts.

Eriba continued to produce variations of the Puck up until the 1980s. Major modifications were made in 1993 when a new range of models was introduced and later a new redesign in 2004. The last caravans were produced in 2012.

The interesting thing about the Eriba Puck models over the years is the fact that they didn’t change too much. They were always built for 2 occupants, and the inside of the caravan stayed roughly the same as the previous models. Although, of course, they were given a few updates to bring them up to modern standards.

While the Eriba Puck didn’t change a huge amount, later models of the caravan upgraded the interior to use more modern-looking materials. The Eriba Puck from the 70s onwards would add brakes to the axles, and the doors and windows would be getting an upgrade too to make them more insulated.

You will also find that the outside of the Eriba Puck had small design changes e.g. adding trims or rounding off the caravan shape. However, the design changes were never so much that you wouldn’t recognize it as an Eriba Puck if it drove past you. 

Eriba Puck Exterior on campsite

What Does The Eriba Puck Offer?

No matter what model year of the Eriba Puck is purchased, the design philosophy has always remained the same. This is the production of a low-weight caravan that can be towed by the average car.

Despite being one of the earlier caravans produced by Eriba, it is evident that a lot of effort was poured into perfecting the design.

The model years of this caravan will always weigh under 500kg, with most of them coming close to the 350kg unloaded weight. They will always have just 2 berths too, which will easily allow a couple to travel on the road.

One of the coolest things about the Eriba Puck, however, was the narrowness of it. The narrowness of the Eriba Puck ensures that vehicles do not have to install longer wing mirrors on their vehicle. Again, this made them suitable for the average couple that wanted to tour their country.

Despite the smaller size, the Eriba Puck makes the inside work. There is a kitchen table and seating area that will convert into beds. There will be a pretty well-stocked kitchen, and there is even some storage space. This is probably why it was one of the most popular 2 berth caravans at the time. Nothing came close to what the Eriba Puck offered.

Camping with Eriba Puck caravan

Can You Still Buy The Eriba Puck Caravan?

As we said, the Eriba Puck caravan is no longer being produced. However, despite the age of the Eriba Puck, there are still a few of them out there on the road. Even the ones from the 50s are still going incredibly strong!

You can still find many enthusiast groups online. You can also find many used Eriba Puck caravans being sold. However, do bear in mind that there are very few on the market that comes with the original features. Most of them have been upgraded to conform to modern standards.

What you will find, however, is that finding spare parts for the Eriba Puck has become a bit more difficult, although not impossible. Thankfully, because so many of these caravans were produced, there are still old models being plundered for parts.

Camping with Eriba Puck caravan


Yes. The Eriba Puck is an old caravan. However, it is a legendary 2 berth caravan. There is a reason why there are still so many touring. We suggest that you have a look at one. It may not be for you, but who doesn’t want to look at a legendary piece of German engineering?