Car Rental in Norway – Pick a Cheap One!

The first expense that tourists meet on arrival at any destination is a rental car. Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world and that is why you should be attentive to ordering a rental car. We travel by our own car, but often I use a rental car due as my work requires a lot of traveling in Norway and I regularly rent cars in all parts of Norway.

The major rental brands have similar procedures and the process of renting a car in Norway is similar to any other country and rather standard. But you have to remember that major brands sell franchises to local companies and prices strongly vary depending on location, number of competitors, and of course the season.

Searching through the rental car travel brokers may help you to get an overview of offers and their discounted prices, but if you know what companies are presented at your destination will let you check their direct offers and use your customer loyalty programs. Most of us have participated in these programs, get good offers, included services, and even free days on your next rental.

Here are the major brands presented in airports of Norway and some rail stations. Here is the list of available car rental companies in Norway in an alphabetic list without preferences of ratings:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Enterprise / Alamo
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Rent-A-Wreck
  • SixT

The most booked car rental class is Economy, so we made a search in order to compare prices in Oslo Airport as this is the only airport with 6 rentals. We have selected a 3-day rental period with 30-day pre-booking so that all companies would have cars available and would offer the best price for the same class – Economy. Most commonly we were offered Toyota Yaris or Volkswagen Polo. Here are our findings in Olso Airport.

Avis485 NOK/day (48 USD/day)
Budget419 NOK/day (41 USD/day)
Enterprice248 NOK/day (24 USD/day)
Europcar586 NOK/day (57 USD/day)
Hertz292 NOK/day (28 USD/day)
SixT531 Nok/day (51 USD/day)
Comparison table for rental car prices with 30-day advance booking in Oslo Airport

Above prices include basic package offered and can therefore result in higher costs. All rental services have unlimited kilometers, Autopass tag, Thieves Protection, Collision Damage Waiver included with Non-Waivable Excess. Please remember to check the condition during booking!

Despite low prices in Oslo airport and great offers from Enterprice and Hertz, these car rental companies have a limited number of offices and pick-up locations in Norway. Here is a table of airports in Norway and rental services offices.

Ålesund Airport+++++
Alta Airport+++++
Andenes Airport++
Bardufoss Airport+++++
Bergen Airport+++++
Bodø Airport+++++
Bronnæysund Airport+++
Fagernes Airport
Florø Airport+++
Foerde Airport++++
Hammerfest Airport+++
Harstad Airport+++++
Haugesund Airport++++
Kirkenes Airport++++
Kristiansand Airport++++
Lakselv Airport++++
Leknes Airport++++
Mo I Rana Airport+
Molde Airport++++
Mosjøen Airport++++
Namsos Airport+++
Ørsta Volda Airport++
Oslo Airport Gardermoen++++++
Rorøs Airport+
Rygge Airport
Sagvåg Stord Airport++++
Sandane Airport++
Sandefjord Torp Airport+++++
Sandnessjøen Airport+++
Sogndal Airport+
Stavanger Airport+++++
Stjørdal Trondheim Airport++++++
Stokmarknes Airport Skagen+++
Svolvær Airport++++
Tromsø Airport++++
Vadsø Airport+++
Table of rental companies in airports of Norway

Can you rent full-electric car?

Norway is one of the leaders in the world by the number of electric cars in use. We tried to answer why there are so many Teslas and other electric cars in Norway in another article, but what is crucial for tourists is that facilities are well established not only in big cities but also in smaller cities, major and minor roads, so your rental will be comfortable. Rental companies are following the trend and offer electric cars of medium and even prestige class.

For example, you can rent Telsa Model S or Audi e-Tron at Avis, Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen ID.3, or ID.4 at Hertz at very decent prices. It might a great chance to experience yourself as an electric car owner. Let me remind you that electric cars have good discounts at ferries in Norway and often are exempt from toll roads fees.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Norway?

Most of the rental companies have a minimum age requirement for the driver. You must be at least 19 years old to rent the economy class vehicle.

At the time of collection, the driver must present a valid driver’s license that you have had for at least 1 year and a photo ID, so in fact, the minimum age is 19 years and 1 year of experience of driving.

In most cases, premium class cars have similar requirements, but Hertz has some rental car groups with a minimum age of 23 or even 25 years old with a license held for a period up to 5 years.

Companies like Europcar don’t have a minimum age for a drive but apply an additional surcharge for young drivers under 26 years old, so double-check that you search the vehicle stating your age. Otherwise, you may get a great offer but get charged on pick-up only.

How to find the cheapest rental car offer?

As I mentioned above, there are just a few big rentals in Norway and all of them are presented only in Oslo and Trondheim airport. All other locations have 3 or 4 rentals in airports, so it won’t be hard to check offers in all possible offices.

I strongly suggest checking rates for the same period in all companies, but start with Enterprise if you arrive at Olso or Trondheim or Hertz if any other location.

The list of airports with rentals is mentioned above, so use it as a starting point, but don’t forget to check with your favorite rental car broker, since they might have a special deal for Norway.

Credit card deposit on car pick up

Please note that all rental companies will pre-authorize the estimated rental amount and an additional 2000 NOK on your credit card when you pick up the car. This is assigned to cover possible toll roads and fueling the car if it was delivered with an empty gas tank.

One way rental car in norway

If you plan to rent a car with a drop location other than the pick-up, then a one-way rental surcharge will be added. It is still subject to availability and location restrictions and vehicle type.

For example here are some one-way fees for Economy class rental in Oslo and termination of rental at the following location:

  • Stavanger Airport: 1900 Nok
  • Bergen Airport: 1900 Nok
  • Trodnheim Airport: 3125 Nok
  • Tromsø Airport: 12500 Nok
  • Kirkenes Airport 12500 Nok

Long term car rental

One of the most popular services for the long term is Rent-A-Wreck. This company has offices just in several airports but is well represented in cities in Norway. If you consider Oslo airport as a pick-up location, the note that 800 Nok will be added as an airport fee. For long-term rental is might be still an acceptable surcharge, but in the case of short-term rental is will dramatically increase the total amount.

Hertz offers a long-term car rental starting from 30 days with everything included in the price. No deposit, standard hull insurance, tire change and tire hotel, tire change, 24/7 assistance, service, and annual state road fee.