Optimal 7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary

If you are going on a road trip around Norway, but don’t have much time. And also you doubt where to start, but you definitely want to see everything at once! Then this article is for you!

Optimal 7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary Image

We have created an optimal weekly itinerary so that you can see and visit very beautiful and iconic tourist places in Norway!

Day 1: Lom Stavkirke and Sognefjellet

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Lom Stavkirke
Lom Stavkirke

Lom is home to one of the largest wooden frame churches. More than 1,500 Stavshirkas were built in Norway, but today there are only 28 left. The history of such churches goes back to the time of the Vikings.

Wooden doors and spires of churches are richly decorated with carvings. The interior and exterior decoration combines Christian and pagan motifs, including images of animals and dragons. And since almost all the frame churches that have survived to this day are located in Norway, we believe that this is a good start for your journey.

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Sognefjellet

The picturesque Sognefjellet is a tourist road in Norway and is located on the territory of the Jotunheimen mountain range, which is often called the “Roof of Norway”.

The road is 108 kilometers long and passes through the highest pass in Northern Europe. The highest point of the road is 1434 meters. There are many viewpoints and parking lots along the way.

Day 2: Sognefjord, Bøyabreen glacier and Lovatnet

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Sognefjorden

The Sognefjorden along which our path goes on the second day is 204 kilometers of amazing beauty and tranquility. Majestic mountains and glaciers as well as picturesque settlements on the slopes of the mountains. Sognefjorden is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. It is 1,303 meters deep outside Vadheimsfjorden.

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Bøyabreen glacier
Bøyabreen glacier

The Bøyabreen glacier is one of the most accessible and spectacular. Bøyabreen glacier can be seen even from road number 5.

There is convenient parking, and on the way to the glacier, there is a cafe and a gift shop. A walk to the base of the glacier, to the shore of the lake, and to the river originating at its foot will not take more than five minutes. But the views will definitely please the eye!

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Aerial view of the Glacial lake Lovatnet
Aerial view of the Glacial lake Lovatnet

The glacial lake Lovatnet is surrounded by mighty mountains and glaciers, it is the dream of many tourists! Which attracts here its color is very turquoise and rich. Blue and turquoise waters are very impressive, but there is no warranty that you will see them as they might look quite common in certain months. If you are curious, check this article about why and where are the best places to find turquoise and blue waters of lakes and rivers.

Be sure to visit the old Breng seter farm on its shore, where the very postcard Norwegian houses with grass roofs are located, this is a very cozy place for a walk.

Day 3: Hike to the Jostedalsbreen glacier

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Jostedalsbreen glacier. Two great options to choose from: Bødalsbreen or Kjenndalsbreen
Hike to Jostedalsbreen glacier. Two great options to choose from are Bødalsbreen or Kjenndalsbreen

On the third day of the trip, we recommend hiking to the Bødalsbreen or Kjenndalsbreen glaciers. Your choice!

Both glacier arms are part of the largest glacier in continental Europe – Jostedalsbreen. Hiking is not difficult and suitable for any level of training. The trails are well marked and you won’t get lost, but don’t forget to bring water and comfortable shoes.

If you will be impressed with glaciers like we are, then check out our article with the top 10 glaciers in Norway and add several more to your trip.

Day 4: Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Gamle Strynefjellsvegen
Gamle Strynefjellsvegen

The fourth day will be devoted to the Gamle Strynefjellsvegen road. It is 27 kilometers long, and the road was built already in 1894.

Traveling along the old Stryn road, you will also see blue lakes, glaciers, and turbulent rivers because it is not for nothing that the road bears the proud title of the tourist road of Norway! But be careful, the road is not open all year round, it is closed for the winter.

How to check whether the road is open or closed is explained in our video on YouTube: “Norway – Weather and Road Conditions”

Day 5: Geirangerfjord and Viewpoints

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Geirangerfjord
Waterfall Seven Sisters during a cruise in Geirangerfjord

On the fifth day, we will visit the Geiranger Fjord, probably the most famous fjord in Norway and the world. After all, it is here that high and completely sheer cliffs meet the sea.

The fjord is 15 kilometers long and it is best to get acquainted with it from the water. There are various options for how to do this. We wrote about them in an article on our website listing 5 cruise alternatives in Geiranger including a timetable with prices that is helpful to have in your bookmarks.

Try to be in Geiranger as early as possible, then you will have more alternatives to sea travel.

Also on the fifth day, you can visit one of the observation decks around Geiranger.

  • Dalsnibba – It is located at an altitude of 1476 meters and it is from here that you can admire the highest view of the fjord in Europe from the road. It has an entry fee and is not open year-round, so check opening hours.
  • Flydalsjuvet – located on the descent to Geiranger. It is this panorama that you will immediately recognize! After all, this is the most popular view of the fjord. The observation deck consists of two levels, walk down the path to see Queen Sonja’s chair sculpture opened in 2003.
  • Ørnesvinge, this is an observation deck through which a waterfall flows. And it is located on the northern exit from Geiranger, the stop will not take much time, but the observation deck offers a wonderful view of the famous Seven Sisters waterfall, the fjord, and the city.

Day 6: Trollstigen, Trollvegen and Romsdalen

View on Trollstigen serpentine road
View on Trollstigen serpentine road

On the sixth day, we will ride along the iconic Trollstigen serpentine. Tourists from all over the world dream of riding it, but at the same time they are afraid of meeting the steep and narrow mountain road.

Trollstigen consists of 11 hairpin bends, and the slope of the road reaches 9 percent in some places. The road is surrounded by majestic peaks and a waterfall rumbles along all the turns.

Do not rush to immediately go down, but take a walk upstairs along the path and viewing platforms and take wonderful photos as a keepsake!

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Trollvegen in Romsdalen Valley. Comfortable parking for picnic and photos.
Trollvegen in Romsdalen Valley

Also on the sixth day, we recommend a ride through the Romsdalen Valley and Visiting the Troll Wall or Trollvegen in Norwegian! This place definitely deserves attention! A special Norwegian atmosphere reigns here, which is created by steep mountains and the green, turbulent Rauma River.

It is also here where the iconic landmark of the Troll Wall is located. The height difference between the wall from the bottom of the valley to the top is 1700 meters, and the height of the vertical section is about 1000 meters, which makes it the largest in Europe.

Day 7: Åndalsnes, Hike to Rampestreken or Romdalsgandolen

7 Days Norway Road Trip Itinerary - Rampestreken Viewpoint
Rampestreken Viewpoint

On the seventh day of your trip, we recommend visiting the Rampestreken observation deck, which is located in the town of Åndalsnes, above a cliff at an altitude of 537 meters.

And it is very important to weigh your strength before starting the hike, as you have options on how to get there.

The hiking tour starts from the starting point in the city center of Åndalsnes and the trail goes up with a constant climb to the Rampestreken viewpoint. The hike is classified as moderate, but the last leg is quite steep.

Also, since 2021, an alternative to hiking has appeared and now you can climb Mount Nesaksla to Rumdalgandolen and then go down to Rampestreken along the trail.

This path will take much less time and therefore require less effort. And also from the top to Rampestreken, most of the trail consists of stone steps. You will find a detailed review of Romdalsgandolen in an article on our website.

And also on our channel there is a detailed video of this seven-day route which is attached to this article as well! For longer trips – visit this article 14 days or the 2-week itinerary in Norway we published earlier or our 15 best, iconic, and most beautiful places to visit in Norway!